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Erin & Christopher | Classic Wedding in Columbus, Ohio

  1. Rachel says:

    wow wow wow these are amazing!!!

  2. Theresa Bragg says:

    Erin and Christopher. Congratulations on your wedding! These photos are absolutely amazing and you two look so adorable together. Good luck with your future and stay happy and healthy! Kindly, Theresa

  3. Susan L Karherman says:

    The pictures of Erin and Christopher are stunning!
    I really enjoy the various locations where the pictures were taken.
    They look so very happy together!

  4. Brooke Blattner says:

    Erin and Christopher congratulations!! I am so happy for you both! Praying for you and this next step in life that you are taking together! Wish I could have been there! Your pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful day!

  5. Beth Allen says:

    Beautiful couple! Fantastic day! Gorgeous photos to remember this forever.

  6. Poppy says:

    What a handsome couple. Hope you are having a great honeymoon. Great to see the bride and groom photographed in so many locations.

  7. Andrew Art says:

    What spectacular photography! The venues and perspectives are outstanding, and the bride and groom look beautiful. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

  8. Zach says:

    Love the joy you captured. And the location is so cool!

  9. Joshua Blakemore says:

    Wow. Ya did it, kids.

  10. Dorcas Art says:

    Gorgeous pics! You truly captured their joyful spirit! Nicely done!

  11. Roberta Fetters says:

    Fabulous pics ♥️. Great job.

  12. gabby imfeld says:


  13. Melissa Allen says:

    These are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen! Erin and Chris, I’m so happy for you and wish you many blessings. I am glad to know you!

  14. Sandy Fetters says:

    Beautiful pictures ❤️

  15. Becky Braunstein says:

    Beautiful photos. So happy to see them. Congratulations.

  16. Ann Marie Blakemore says:

    The day was beautiful! You captured such beautiful moments! Love Erin and her grandma! The hugs, the leaving the reception…the incredible beautiful photos in the state house! Beautiful photographs!

  17. Julia says:

    Niki captured the emotion and ❤️ of this special day. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and her style was so personal yet all professional. We were blessed to have Niki and Brad share in and capture so many memories. They are a dynamic duo!

  18. Chad says:

    Great pics, Even better people.

  19. Paul and Dot Blakemore says:

    Loved seeing all the wedding photos!

  20. Mr. Jonathan D. Art says:

    Great pics, great couple! Much love Christopher and Erin! It was an absolute honor to witness this special day. May God bless you with many years together. The black and white photos in the Statehouse look absolutely stunning! This was a day I will not soon forget! <3 <3 XOXOXOXO

  21. Dawna Standley says:

    So beautiful! All of it is stunning! Congratulations to both families! Both sides hit the jackpot.

  22. Lori McCullough says:

    Wonderful photos!!! Love you both so much!!!!

  23. Muriel Martin says:

    Beautiful wedding and beautiful couple! The Statehouse pictures were over the top. You two need to be in a wedding magazine . Glamourus!!!

  24. Jody says:

    Stunning photos! What a great day to be apart of!

  25. Diane Abbott says:

    You two look wonderful and your pictures are beautiful! I love your photos at the State House too. What a beautiful Day you had. Perfection.

  26. Terri Yoakum says:

    Wonderful photography. Niki has an eye for detail. Being able to capture the ❤️ of this special day is truly a gift.
    Congratulations and Blessings to Christopher and Erin. ❤️

  27. Rodney says:

    Erin and Rodney – amazing wedding and truly amazing pictures. Larry B.

  28. Carolyn Terkelsen says:

    Amazing wedding pictures! Congratulations to Erin & Christopher!!

  29. KIsha Williams says:

    What AMAZING PICTURES of LOVE!! Niki has a great eye for the detail.
    Congratulations to Chris and Erin

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